What is shown in The Token Gallery?

The Token Gallery displays transfer events of ERC20-compliant tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. An ERC20-compliant token is defined by a smart contract that implements a certain interface, the ERC20 Token Standard.

Currently The Token Gallery shows about 1.000 of the most actively used tokens until September 2018 (a newer dataset will be available very soon). For each token, all its corresponding transfer events are visualized by a two-dimensional embedding of the underlying transactional network. Each Ethereum address is represented by a circular dot (called "node" in graph terminology), and a line between two addresses (called "edge" in graph terminology) indicates that at least one token was transferred between them. The radius of a node indicates its degree, i.e., the bigger a node appears, the more it has had token transfers with many other nodes.

The positions of the nodes have been calculated by means of the ForceAtlas2 algorithm, which uses a force-based approach to assign x,y-coordinates to every node. The circular layout of each network results from applying a rather strong gravitational force when calculating the positions.

The colors in these networks indicate potential communities of addresses on the basis of the Louvain method. The Louvain method identifies groups of nodes that tend to have a higher-than-usual number of transactions with other members of the group than with the rest of the network. However, it is important to say that the resulting grouping of Ethereum addresses is not a final assessment at all. The colors should rather be considered as a visual guideline for exploring the structures of the underlying networks.

It looks like there are some recurring patterns among the different token networks

Exactly! During our research on token networks, we've found various similarities among the usage of different tokens. The Token Gallery is our attempt to visualize some of these patterns in an intuitive and tangible way.

Where can I learn more about these token networks?

For example, our current paper Measuring Ethereum-based ERC20 Token Networks provides some more details about the inner workings and structures of ERC20 tokens.

This looks like art — can I use the pictures in my presentation, website, wall painting etc.?

Yes. All pictures in The Token Gallery are licensed under an Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. Please use the following attribution:
CC BY 4.0 — The Token Gallery by Peter Ruppel and Friedhelm Victor (tokengallery.net)